Rural home stay



Lasting memories and, perhaps, perspectives shift! 

A safari in the national parks seeing wild animals is often a great experience, but you will meet very few people and many of those you see are walking or sitting as you pass by with your vehicle. How people actually live their lives and what they are talking about may often be left to guesswork. 

Out of experience we have learnt that most visitors are curious as to how people live and if they could, they would use the opportunity of staying one, or more, nights with a family in their rural home. Especially is this the case if it can be done in a home where they know that the homeowners are not being used, or worse, only regarded as exotic objects, patronized and pittied. 

When asked afterwards, most of those who had this experience count it as one of top experiences from their trip, if not the very top. Fetching water, try cooking by simple means, see what is grown in the garden, listen to the sounds in the night, experience the morning buzzle - it is for many a new world. We have even had visitors that, after having spent many years on location in African countries, have liked this experience so much. 

Since 2005 we have worked with rural family homes in central and western Uganda with very good results. The most suitable and convenient for the safari programs is a family, relatives of ours, that live near Masindi, making it a suitable stop-over on-route. They also have large rooms so that the visitors are comfortable and live near a school and a church that can be visited if there is an interest. 

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